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The European launch of Oktium

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We are delighted to announce the European launch of Oktium — an instant live transactional video connection platform where online customers connect to salespeople and customer service staff at brick&mortar locations Face2 face. Oktium brand is rapidly becoming a leader in experience economy worldwide.

Why now?

In the current day and age of omni-channel e-commerce retail, we all look for a personalized approach to customer experience. To differentiate from competitors, enterprises strive to connect online customers with in-store sales associates for an in-store-like shopping experience. That digital transformation proved very valuable as it undeniably aids with a reduction of shopping cart abandonment, helps to gain customers’ trust and confidence, improves service, and increases sales while putting forth convenience of digital clienteling. The efficiency of staff and the rapid increase in online conversion are added benefits of a sales enablement tool such as Oktium.

Why Oktium?

Personal attention given to every customer who walks through your door is not something your online shoppers enjoy. Their money is just as good as the ones you handle at the cash register. Thus, not giving them the same attention is simply not fair. And nowadays they notice that inequality more and more.

Giving your online shoppers an option to connect with you Face2 face is a sure way to drastically step up your online conversion, and create brand loyalty. After all, nobody canceled the most prominent sales mantra yet — people buy from people.

For a complete in-store-like experience, Oktium offers integrated features: one-tap appointment set up, one-tap information sharing, one-tap payment processing. Their unparalleled smart-routing technology, easy setup, easy integration with your CRM, inventory software and payment gateways are all moving parts of your sales acceleration. Oktium is scalable and customizable.

But the greatest difference of this video shopping solution is in their patent-pending technology which allows for all operations to happen on a single video call screen. The single-screen checkout integrated with the video shopping experience is as seamless for the shopper as it is for the sales and service staff.

Let Oktium usher you into the era of Face2 face experience economy, and join the evolution alongside other leading brands in Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, and Service industries.

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