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The Challenge of Personalization

  • 1:09

Creating relevant and engaging experiences for customers might be the best marketing strategy that brands can currently employ. Brands and marketers that focus on creating these experiences typically reap benefits that competitors don't.

We continue to see rapidly growing interest in all facets of customer, channel, and brand loyalty across a range of industries and verticals. Despite this, creating engaging customer experiences and loyalty still presents a major challenge for most organizations. They know what they should do, yet they still have immense opportunities regarding execution that range from internal organizational buy-in to leveraging the "right" technologies and processes in a meaningful and measurable manner.

Today, marketers are not only tasked with creative, but to succeed, they need to have an analytical skill set not required ten, five, or even two years ago. Endless challenges present themselves: data breaches; increased scrutiny around data access, privacy, and regulation; a disruptive landscape in which brands must understand the expectations of their customers; and the need to understand how customers view completely tangent industries. Brands also need to collect rich customer data, derive actionable insights from it, and leverage technology that allows for scale.

They need to design and develop customer engagement strategies tailored to their customer bases, and make sure the importance and impact of those programs are understood, socialized, and continually reinforced internally.
The need for objective insights, best practices, and a community focused on customer experience grows day after day.

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